The Custom Homes USA Traditional Home Package

Traditional Home Package

The Traditional custom home package has been carefully selected to give you the best value. It also contains the construction home plans and materials needed to get your custom home built to the important lock-up stage quickly. It features a selection of our most popular designs.

  1. Construction plans
  2. Foundation plans
  3. Hi-line structural framing components
  4. Brand name windows and doors
  5. High performance siding
  6. Superior roof system and materials
  7. Trim, fascia, soffit and interior liner
  8. Product options
  9. Comprehensive warranties

1. Construction Plans

Custom Homes USA
Traditional custom home package allows you to create an optional crawl space, walk-out or in-ground basement to maximize the value of your custom home and to make the best use of your site.

Custom Homes USA final construction house plans are widely regarded as the best in the business by custom builders. Your construction house plans contain all the details required to obtain building permits and build your custom home quickly and efficiently. Custom Homes Price Savings

With a large in-house team of custom home experts, they can modify your house plans to suite individual site conditions. All plans are Engineer reviewed for conformance to the National Building Code in the United States. Our Building Process

The assurance of conformance, however, does not extend to include special local conditions, seismic and /or wind loading. A local engineer should be retained to respond to these conditions. Any applicable local costs are the responsibility of the customer.


2. Foundation Plans

Custom Homes USA includes a foundation plan for your custom home, including crawlspace, partial, full or walk-out basement. Your house plan is based on standard soil load bearing characteristics.

The main and upper floors of your custom home package can be built on any type of properly constructed foundation.
- Materials needed to complete the basement are available as an option. These materials consist of exterior and interior framing lumber, support beams and posts, sheathing, siding, exterior doors and windows to match the main and upper floors of the custom home.
- Materials such as anchor bolts, hardware and shear walls required by local engineering or building codes are not included.
- Costs resulting from local engineering requirements relating to foundation work and structure of the custom home are the responsibility of the customer.

3. Hi-Line Structural Framing Components

Custom Homes USA provides hi-line appearance grade structural framing lumber. This is kiln dried for maximum stability. It is superior to standard export grade product and can only be sourced from selected sawmills.

This premium material gives you faster construction, straighter walls and a better interior finish result with less waste. Custom Homes USA also provide Edge Gold OSB floor sheathing and OSB wall sheathing. Many contractors and building inspectors have commented that the framing material is the finest they have ever seen. Borate and heat treating are available as an option.

Floor System Features:

- Solid 2”x10” SPF wood joists for ease of construction.
- 23/32” tongue and groove Edge Gold OSB with superior resistance to moisture during construction and is supported by a 25 year limited warranty against de-lamination.
- Upgrade to 5/8” or 3/4” tongue and groove plywood is available.
- Glue to attach OSB securely to joists.
- Cross bracing for maximum strength and stability.

Wall System Features:

- 1/2” OSB sheathing.
- 2”x6” SPF pre-cut studs on 16” centers to provide outstanding structural loading capability.
- Treated sill plates and insulating gasket.
- Typar vapor barrier system for maximum weather protection.
- Optional panelized wall systems are available for faster construction.

4. Brand Name Windows and Doors

Custom Homes USA includes brand name windows and exterior doors with superior warranties manufactured to our specifications by national suppliers.

You can take advantage of volume buying power and still get custom home design flexibility. This is because only large manufacturers can supply the many shapes, sizes, colors and functional characteristics required in today’s custom home construction. Custom Homes USA provides these products specifically for energy efficiency, low maintenance, high performance and exceptional value.

Window Features:

- Milgard dual pane vinyl windows in white or tan featuring picture, slider and single hung windows. Multiple window styles are available.
- Limited lifetime warranty and low maintenance.
- Low E coating and argon gas to reduce heating and cooling costs.
- All opening windows have locking systems and screens.
- Options include casements, awnings, specialty shapes, and grilles.
- Optional All Weather and Jeld-Wen vinyl windows are available.

Exterior Door Features:

- Jeld-Wen 6 panel steel doors with a tough 24-gauge steel skin with primed jambs.
- Energy Star ® insulation values in energy efficiency.
- Doors are 3 feet wide for easy access.
- Comprehensive 10-year warranty.
- Wide range of glass inserts and sidelites in many sizes and finishes are also available.

5. High Performance Siding

Custom Homes USA offers a wide variety of siding in various top-quality construction materials. Engineered composite siding from brand name manufacturers comes primed or pre-finished in several popular colors.

Western Red Cedar Bevel siding is also available. Pre-staining is frequently chosen to reduce labor costs and to allow siding to be applied in any weather conditions.

Siding Features:

- Primed fiber cement woodgrain 8 ¼” lap siding.
- Optional upgrade to fiber cement siding, prefinished with a 15-year paint warranty, or Custom Homes USA 1”x8” re-sawn face western red cedar bevel siding is available. Pre-stain is available on bevel siding.
- Guaranteed amount of siding to cover the entire exterior of the home in a horizontal application.
- Optional rain screen window flashings and rain screen battens to create airspace capillary break between siding and sheathing are available where required.

6. Superior Roof System and Materials

Custom Homes USA specialize in providing roof systems that support cathedral ceilings and vaulted areas as well as conventional flat ceilings. This allows the use of large window arrangements to provide the maximum amount of natural light.

Custom Homes USA minimum structural roof loading capacity on any roof is 60lb per square foot. This makes our roof system the strongest in the industry.

Roof System Features:

  • Engineered trusses complete with engineer-sealed calculations for permitting and quick installation. Designed to accommodate both flat and vaulted ceilings of various styles.
  • Optional scissor trusses are available.
  • High performance CertainTeed Landmark fiberglass shingles with lifetime limited warranty.
  • 1/2” OSB sheathing, with H-clips.
  • 15lb roofing felt to protect the entire roof.
  • Roof flashing in valleys and continuous ridge venting.
  • Ice and water shield for eave and valley protection.
  • A wide range of shingle upgrades are available.


7. Trim, Fascia, Soffit and Interior Liner

There are many options available depending on the preferred look and style of the home.
- Gentek aluminum vented soffit is included.
- Optional 1”x6” primed pine or 1”x6” western red cedar tongue and groove soffits.
- Primed solid combed-face 2”x8” SPF wood fascia is included with the ability to upgrade to primed 4/4”x8” SmartTrim or 1”x8” western red cedar. Double or triple fascia is included when required by the design.
- Primed 1”x4” SPF wood window, door and corner trim is included. A wide variety of trim options are available to achieve the desired exterior look.
vInterior liner is available in pine or cedar to give the home a natural look in feature rooms.

8. Product Options

Custom Homes USA provides a wide range of options including skylites, decks, interior railings and interior doors. Details are available by contacting Custom Homes USA. Options selected will be detailed in the products listed in Schedule A of the purchase agreement.

9.Comprehensive Warranties

Warranties are only as good as the strength of the companies that provide them. Therefore Custom Homes USA only provides national brand name suppliers who have a proven track record of service.

You get one of the strongest combinations of warranties available.
- Custom Homes USA provides a 10-year structural warranty.
- Warranties from manufacturers of building products range from lifetime to minimum two years depending on the materials or components selected.

Please Note:

Custom homes featured on the website may differ in size, layout and finishing to the floor plans.

Custom home kit package do not include site specific engineering, engineering hardware, insulation, caulking, vapor barriers, interior finish, overhead garage doors, construction, plumbing, heating, electrical, paint, floor coverings or cabinets.